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Beer Babes Family Business Proclamation


The Beer Babes Family™ is a charitable organization that works with breweries around the world to brew Babe Brew™. Funds raised from portions of the sales of Babe Brew will be collected and awarded in the form of grants. Grants will be awarded to women who currently own, or are in the process of opening, breweries or taprooms; or to women pursuing education through the Cicerone Program, Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), brewing or fermentation school, or other similar opportunities in the beer industry to help improve her business.

What We Are:

The Beer Babes Family is an online community and a no tolerance for online bullying platform. We strive to support and positively engage all women in the beer community. This includes the casual beer drinkers to the highest level of brewers and Cicerones. We work with breweries around the world to brew beer to raise money to assist women in the beer industry.

Charitable Focus:

The Beer Babes Family will award one applicant per calendar year a grant to be used at the applicant’s discretion, as long as the applicant is utilizing the money to put towards their presence in the beer industry, such as starting a brewery or taproom, or continuing their education (Cicerone, BJCP, brewing or fermentation school). Applicant will need to show proof of monies used. The total amount awarded will be dictated by the amount of total money raised over the calendar year by the Beer Babes Family. Applicants will need to fill out a formal application that can be found on the Beer Babes Family website, along with a cover letter and a video submission explaining why they are applying for the grant. All applications will be considered, and 3 applicants will be chosen to give an in-person or video conference interview. After the interview, the board will select a winner.

Raising Funds:

The Beer Babes Family will work with breweries interested in brewing beer with us. Beer will be brewed by said brewery and will then be packaged and sold, with proceeds going to the Beer Babes Family.  The Beer Babes family does not sell direct to consumers. Amount of money donated to the Beer Babes Family will be established with each brewery individually, depending on the brewery’s size, costs, needs, etc.

Beer Babes Family Beer Collaborations Guidelines


Beer Name:

All Beer Babes Family collaborations will be called Babe Brew. This name is key to our branding and also helps our consumers identify that this beer is in collaboration with us, and most importantly, that proceeds are going to charity.


Can Art:

The Beer Babes Family works with a graphic designer that creates all of our can art. If your brewery has specific branding, we are happy to work with you to make sure any elements you require can be included.  Our designer will create up to 5 design options, and the brewery will have the final decision on which label to use. Corrections and tweaking of design are acceptable, within reason.


Beer Style:

There are no parameters in regard to beer style. We want to work with each individual breweries’ talents and specialties. There is no limit to the size of the batch brewed, we trust your judgment on how much beer to brew, because you know your customers best. 


Brew Day:

If possible, representatives from the Beer Babes Family will be present to help brew the beer. If this is not an option, due to brewery size, scheduling, etc., we request that some photos and videos be taken during the brewing process, so we can promote the forthcoming beer on all of our social media networks and website.  



We like to treat the release of Babe Brew as a fundraising event. The Beer Babes Family will help advertise and promote the release date of the collaboration beer. A release date will be scheduled before brewing of the beer begins with consideration of brewery schedule and Beer Babes Family schedule. If possible, representatives of the Beer Babes Family will be present at the release to help promote the event.



Kegs and cans can be sold in your brewery’s taproom, or can be distributed accordingly if you have a distributor, or if you self distribute. 


Donating Process:

The Beer Babes Family is a charitable organization that raises money for the Beer Babes Family Grants Fund, which gifts one business grant per year to a woman that works in the beer industry. Depending on the brewery’s ability, we request at least 25 cents per beer (pint, can, bottle, etc.)  be donated to the Beer Babes Family. Most breweries donate $1 per beer. 


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