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beer babes family

The Beer Babes Family™ is a charitable organization that works with breweries around the world to brew Babe Brew™. Funds raised from portions of the sales of Babe Brew will be collected and awarded in the form of grants. Grants will be awarded to women who currently own, or are in the process of opening, breweries or taprooms; or to women pursuing education through the Cicerone Program, Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), brewing or fermentation school, or other similar opportunities in the beer industry.

The Beer Babes Family will award one applicant per calendar year a grant to be used at the applicant’s discretion, as long as the applicant is utilizing the money to put towards their presence in the beer industry, such as starting a brewery or taproom, or continuing their education (Cicerone, BJCP, brewing or fermentation school). Applicant will need to show proof of monies used. 


All applications will be considered, and 3 applicants will be chosen to give an in-person or video conference interview. After the interview, the board will select a winner.  Applications can be submitted at any time. Grant will be awarded once per year.

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