Babe Brew 


Babe Brew 7 was brewed at Distraction Brewing in Roslindale, MA.

This bold smooth porter has just the right amount of sweetness to balance the chocolate and coffee flavors from the grain. We have infused this brew with ample amounts of toasted oak chips to give it a pleasant pop of oak.


Proceeds from the sales of this beer will go the Beer Babes Family Grants Program.

Grants will be awarded to women who currently own, or are in the process of opening, breweries or taprooms; or to women pursuing education through the Cicerone Program, Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), brewing or fermentation school, or other similar opportunities in the beer industry.

Apply for a grant here


Babe Brew™ is a series of beer dedicated to the women of our personal lives and of the world: who inspire us, push us, make us think deeper, mentor us and lead by example.  To the women who break rules and norms, speak their truth with compassion, live each day with unapologetic confidence, and champion equality for all.

So cheers to you for buying this beer, and to everyone who encourages and whole-heartedly supports women striving to leave their mark on the world. 

To learn about how to get Babe Brew™ at a locality near you, please email us here